Diamond supporter?

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Yes or No

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  1. I have diamond supporter, and it will run out in one month, If it does do I keep the amount of plots that diamond supporters have, As in the plot limit a diamond supporter gets permanent?
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  2. yes u do keep your plots but u cant do supporter related things
  3. No, the limit itself is not permanent, 2 of them are temporary, however any residences you have claimed are yours to keep as long as you do not go derelict.

    when your diamond runs out, you can type /res to see your Residence limit, which will show you 4/2. You will be over your limit then, but we won't "take" the 2 extras away.

    This means you will be unable to claim a different residence until you get back to 1/2 (in other words sacrificing the 2)

    You must maintain Diamond to keep 4/4 UNTIL the Residence Limit upgrade vouchers are added and earned, which will still be a while.
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  4. Good question :)
    Yes. As long as you claim 4 residences now (anytime before your diamond runs out), you can keep them all. However, If after your supportership run out, you unclaim a plot, you will not be able to reclaim another plot unless you either 1: get diamond again, or 2: get Extra Res Vouchers
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  5. You will be grandfathered into the new system, and will be allowed to keep all of the residences you currently have claimed. The only reason they may be unclaimed is if they go derelict (30 days of not logging in). If you were to unclaim all of you residences you will be able to claim a total of 2 once the update comes, since you were a supporter. To increase the amount of residences you can claim, purchase a max-residence voucher on the ranks page. :) http://empireminecraft.com/upgrade/
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  6. Okay, one thing, On my old account I got gold supporter, they where deleted and my limit stood at 2 and the default is 1. I still have that second res on my second account, and It has been unclaimed twice, so as a lead developer you might want to look into that bug, as it was true with the gold supporter, the diamond supporter might stay. I am not saying your wrong, but if I where to unclaim my res on my second account and reclaim it, U would be able to and it would be my second res.