Diamond supporter rank purchase option not there?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by khixan, Dec 28, 2014.

  1. I wanted to try out diamond, so I signed up for it, and then canceled it per the instructions on the supporter page. I love it here and went to purchase the diamond subscription again, but I only get buttons/options to buy one time purchase items now (vouchers and manual payment). There's no buttons showing for the reoccurring rank subscriptions anymore. Help please?

    Thank you :)

    -- take my money --
  2. You're currently a diamond supporter, so the option to 'pay for a subscription' is unavailable ...

    Once your supportership runs out - if you have diamond from a voucher it will end...

    If you have diamond from a payment, it will auto renew unless you cancel the subscription...


    If you canceled it, it will end... I'd suggest pm'ing admins if you want it changed to take payments on you... else, i'd wait until it ends, and just pay for it again :)
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  3. My one from last month expired on the 27th. The buttons that allow purchase of the subscription reappeared as of 11AM, and I have purchased it successfully, yay! So problem solved :)

    I guess 3:30AM on the 28th was too early in the day. The buttons needed to wake up and get coffee and breakfast first ;)

    Thank you for the reply!