Diamond Supporter Buying?

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  1. Hey, I was just wondering if people sold diamond supporter accounts to people who would pay them in rupees. I think I have heard of this before but what would it cost to get one for a month in rupees, like the average cost. Thanks,

  2. Currently this is illegal (Pretty sure) You could always ask your friends to give it to you or get diamond supporter as a Christmas gift
  3. I'm not sure if you could even get an average price on it, as I haven't heard of it happening often, the price would heavily depend on who you are "buying" the supportership from.
  4. It is legal. Add the person you want to make diamond and ICC to the conversation, you pay ICC and he makes the person diamond. Last time I saw something like that the person paid 200 odd thousand rupees for a diamond supportership. Guessing that is because they were paying the rupees and the perks they get, but everyone will have different ideas on how much they want rupee wise for it EDIT: Look at Olaf's post, as most people will ask closer to that ;) :)
  5. It is legal. The price from what i know is $1=10000r
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  6. This. Typically 10k/$1 :)
  7. oh and who would do this, would anyone know, a person or ICC?
  8. You'd have to ask around, I don't it's something ICC himself would do
  9. You also are not allowed to publicly ask for it..
  10. A random player. Probably someone with multiple alts who are diamond *cough cough* xXvexenXX *cough cough*
  11. You could private message people. If the price is right, anyone would probably do it :p