Diamond Silk Touch Unbreaking 3

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  1. "Voting will end whenever"
    Is this whenever when? Like 24h? Or 12h?
  2. Yeh plz answer
  3. I think it should be agains the rules to put something like that there. As he could just wait for it to grow to (For example.) 20k. Then he could just say SOLD. Or wait for even more, even though if someone havent bidded for over 24 hours.
  4. By the bidding ending 'whenever' I mean like when nobody else is bidding (at least 12 hours).

    Highest bid is 9.7k?
  5. Then you should have putted there: "Voting will end after 12h from the last bid."
  6. 10k is the highest bid.
    come on people! I need R for this project I'm putting together!

    also, buyout is on my res now. 16.5 k
  7. 10.1 k leading :)
  8. 10.2k leading with SEPHIROTHWS
  9. Didn't I win since there was a period longer than 12 hours before Sk1llz0fapr0's bid?
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  10. Monster u need to say the deadline for this? 12h. whenever is not good enough
  11. k well if you keep arguing than you can stay out of my auctions. thank you.
  12. yes, you win. sorry sk1llz.

    please coordinate a time with me in a personal message
  13. Monster, it is also against the rules to suddenly post there is a buy out. You need to disclose that info when you set your auction up, not halfway through it.
  14. You said "at least" twelve hours
  15. I had to sleep and a posted before I s kept so I missed :( (that's why you do 24 hours)
  16. k