Diamond Scavenger Hunt - 12382 on SMP6

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by sweetpezak, May 22, 2012.

  1. Theres about 30-something chests strewn about on my res at 12382 on SMP6, and a couple on my res next door at 12306... Each chest contains 1 diamond, some are out in the open and very easy to find others are a little more devious ;)... There arent any chests in my shop but there are a few outside and around it and there arent any chests in my bed/storage area but the rest of the res is fair game from 200 blocks up down to bedrock... i will try and keep up with adding new chests as the old ones are found :)

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  2. wow that went fast lol, congrats to bloodra1n who found over 20 of the hidden diamonds lol... some of the old chests have been refilled and some of the hard ones have yet to be found, new chests will be added tomorrow and thru the week when more people are online
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  3. Was a fun game, you hid those chests very well!