Diamond prices keep going down

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  1. I am a bit worried because its been 1 month? since the diamond duping and 2 weeks ago diamonds cost about 45r but now i can easily find them for 35-41r each which is a bit weird as prices should have gone up instead of down.

    Maybe there is more diamond duping or all the diamond hoarders decided to sell them at once.
  2. Why worried? This is normal fluctuation of economy. People undercut shops who undercut shops who undercut shops until the price levels out. This is perfectly normal and they will level out eventually
  3. If you're finding diamonds for 35r, I'll buy all of them you find at 36r. I don't see an issue with it. Personally, I value diamonds in my mind at 40r (because I have a bunch already). I don't need anymore diamonds, but if i see them at 40r or lower, I'll buy em anyway.
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  4. then i should tell you about Moving_Target32
    he sells them for 35r(almost never stocked)
    but if you buy V.I.P membership at his diamond club (250r for a week)
    he re-stocks at least every week and re-stocks at least a few stacks. Oh if you are in the vip club you can buy them for 25r each and if you buy many stacks from him he puts you into a big buyer club where you can buy at 20r each for ever.
  5. ...and is now banned for illegal mods/hacks.
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  6. I suspected as much.
  7. what!!! was there proof? He had many friends in his diamond mining club. He was my friend :(
  8. If he's banned, it's because there was proof.
  9. I don't think he would hack
  10. I don't know him, however.

    I do KNOW that a moderator wouldn't ban him unless there was proof.
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  11. Well maybe he was suspicious
  12. Do not discuss bans on the forum. If you want to appeal it or otherwise enquire, PM mods. Thanks.
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  13. Hi, my ign is bruinthebear i was banned about 104 day ago....i can was not associated with my brother freezerdog who continued to use hacked accounts for rupees..i am hoping that you give me another chance and pardon me...i dont care if you take away all my money..but i really loe your servers....your friend bruinthebear
  14. Your profile says you're 32 Bruin. How old is your hacking brother? You two should move on to robbing banks and leave hacking game accounts to the kids.

    If you want to appeal your bannination, check the right hand side of the Home page to see which of the Staff are online. Click the link for their name, then click on "Start a Conversation".
  15. Don't worry, this is normal, I remember when slimeballs were wurth 10 rupees each. Now they are 40-65 rupees a peice. Don't worry, diamonds will go back up soon. Just trust the EMC Economy. I don't think it is a good thing that diamonds will go up in price.

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  16. I did not mean to post that attacted screenshot.Sorry.
  17. 1. Not a proper way too appeal a ban.
    2. PM a Mod/Admin (IceCreamCow/shaunwhite1982)
    3. If he was your brother why didn't you stop him?

    Or appeal it too a moderator, said above.
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  18. The Supply of Diamonds is high and Demand for them is high like always so market for them are low compared to 2months ago. I brought a stack last night for 2k "31.25 per diamond" I'm set for about a week or so :)