Diamond price is getting lower & lower

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by pateraterick, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. If you find any shops that sell diamonds cheap, post it here!

    I found one on smp4 selling diamonds for 35r, that's thy cheapest I've seen, are there any cheaper ones?
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  3. Getting diamonds for less than 45r is nice, but they might be from bug exploiters, hackers, cheaters and griefers. Buying for those prices is almost the same as supporting this kind of activity on EMC <--(THIS goes for everyone, not just you)
  4. Fail: There is no effective answer on google for that, still here is a tool for you: http://bit.ly/N0rVvZ <-- That's a fail also because there is no possible answer for this :p
  5. Teeeheee http://bit.ly/Ls1Dz0
  6. We are getting spammy, aint we? LOL
  7. Yea so? We answered his question eh?
  8. *I'm scared of getting banned :(* Yeah we actually answered his question, but still, why don't we bring this to our profile pages?
  9. Ok we can spam yours, be over in a second.
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