Diamond picks Unbreak III+Eff III+Fort 999r

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  1. Diamond picks, new

    Unbreaking III + Efficiency III + Fortune I

    999 rupees

    I have 50+ of these.

    To buy one, pay me, then tell me you paid, and I'll set up a chest for collection, on SMP9 at 18559. Like these;

    I think this is a bargain. OK, so "Fortune I" isn't amazing, but that's just a bonus; it's unbreaking III (lasts 4 x as long), efficiency 3 (150% faster).

    An ideal "every-day pick" for just 999.

    I think they will sell fast, so, to get yours;

    /r pay herbrin3 999

    Then send me a message, and I'll set up a chest. SMP9 19000, in "Enchanted items".

    Don't worry... if they do run out, I'll refund you, of course.

    Diggy-diggy faster, longer

  2. So... many... enderchests...
  3. Yeah, the back wall... IDK, I just like to be different, u know? It gets boring; I've not seen an "enderchest wall" before. I've done cake, I've done enchants, and diamond block is a bit passé (although I did use that for the roof).

    That room, it's a bit "1.3" really; with the new gravel texture, and rotated-log walls... IDK; I get bored; like to try new stuff.
  4. Buy 10, get 1 free

    Come on, folks; 10 unb 3 eff 3's will be all the picks you'll need, for ages. That's Billy-bargain, that is.

    Especially if you grab a few of my unbreaking III efficiency III axes for 999 while you are there.
  5. You know... I really hate the "3 enchants" bug which means I can't sell this in a chest.

    If I could, I'd have sold these by now.
  6. How many are left?
  7. I will buy 5 if you lower the price to 800r a piece.
  8. Hey Herbrin, I was trying to ask you in game if you still had pickaxes for sale but your chat is off.
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