Diamond Pickaxe : Silk Touch I

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  1. Selling a Silk touch I
    Starting bid : 2000 rupees
    auction ends in 24 hours
  2. Start bidding : I will come back in 8 hours and check it :) GL to all bidders
  3. Where to start...
    1. Are you selling or auctioning?
    2. If auctioning then this needs to be in the auctions sub-forum
    3. Also if auctioning, you need to refer to this thread for rules on how to set up an auction properly(you seem to be missing a few things;))

    Other than that, good luck with your pickaxe! :)
  4. So we can bid?
  5. 3k
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  6. Iceraider14 is in the lead with 6000 keep bidding still some hours before we stop
  7. 6.1k
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  8. Iceraider is in the lead with 8K 4 hours & 10 minuts till Auction Ends
  9. 8.1k
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  10. Drogba921 is in the lead with 8100 auction ends in 20 min
  11. Auction is over.
    Drogba921 wins 8100 rupees
  12. 8.2k...Nvm..
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  13. Iceraider I might have another silk touch keep an eye marketplace