Diamond Pickaxe, Full Health, Unbreaking III(3)

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  1. Diamond Pickaxe
    Health: Full
    Enchantment: Unbreaking level 3 - the poll has nothing to do with this pickaxe.
    Enchantment's effect: When you mine something, it only damages the pick 25% of the time.
    Starting Amount: 500r
    Minimum Increment: Minimum Increment: 25r
    Lot Number: 2430(Smp1). I'll pay for vaulting if your residence is on a different server.

    ****Auction restarted at 1000r.****
    Please refer only to posts after this one: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/...ealth-unbreaking-iii-3.4365/page-2#post-66379
  2. Nobody wants it? it's worth AT LEAST 12 diamonds because it will last as long as 4 diamond pickaxes...plus it fits in 1 inventory slot instead of 4...
    PS at 50r a diamond 12 diamonds is worth 600r(ignoring sticks and the 3 inventory spots you save) and I'm starting at 500r...
  3. Is it used
  4. Health:full
    anybody wanna go 525?
  5. This pickaxes are better to be sold ingame bro ;) you will last forever here xD
  6. Do i win
  7. I think I'm going to have to hold an in-game auction... I saw pickaxes go for thousands here(i know unbreaking wont get me that but i know it's worth more) and I don't want a bad reputation for withdrawing auctions but I don't want to tell it for anything under 600... I'm gonna ask the people on smp1 right now who wants to buy it. sorry jonyal
  8. Its only worth like 200 rupees because if its 25% bonus to it lasting longer 25% of 3 = 0.75 so that means its 3.75 diamonds, you cant even make a pickaxe and a shovel with that :p
  9. wrong math buddy
    it only gets hurt 25% of the time. it's not 25% bonus. 25%=1/4. Since it only gets hurt 1/4 of the time, it lasts 4 times as long, making it worth 12 diamonds.
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  10. and meincravta has it at 1k :D
  11. can i pick it up tomorrow? put a chest up and leave your res and ill be sure to pay you before i take it. Report me as scamming if I don't
  12. Sorry.1025 :p
  13. Can i come get it 6 hours from now?
  14. I didn't say at any point in that message that I'd back out of the auction. I said it was worth more than what I was starting with so I didn't get why nobody was bidding, but the message you quoted had nothing to do with backing out. Later on in this thread I said I'd probably move the auction in-game, but I never actually did. I never backed out or anything :p

    and mein you can't pick it up unless you bid higher because thestar19 bid at 1025r.
  15. I know it's bad to back out, I agree with you on that, I'm just making sure that you know I didn't. I said I'd ask on the game, I did go on and say I was selling a Diamond pickaxe, full health, Unbreaking III(3) on the forums, but that's it. I gave them the option to come onto the forums and bid here.
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