Diamond Pickaxe Fortune III Efficiency III

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  1. Unused diamond pickaxe fortune III efficiency III
    Starting bid: 2200.
    Minimum increments: 100.
    Auction will end after 24 hours.
    After the winner pays there will be a chest waiting at my SMP4 lot with the pickaxe, good luck!
  2. I'll give you 7k if you sell me it now :)
  3. Pfirlej7 next time please write the number without the 'if' and 'when', current price is 2200 by vividOptimism.
  4. Since the site was down I'm resetting the clock, vividOptimism will get the pickaxe within 24 hours from now if no one will bid on it.
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  5. Well I almost had it.
  6. 13 hours left
  7. Pfirlej7 is the winner! it's been 24 hours since he posted.