Diamond Pickaxe Efficiency 4

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  1. Hi everyone

    I was wondering how much would some pay for a Diamond Pickaxe Efficiency 4.
    Btw this is not an auction but if your interested pm me how much.

  2. hmmm.. a diamond pickaxe effieciency4 depends in brand new to unused condition it could go upward of 50000ruppes
  3. if it had unbreaking added, it could go for around 10 to 30k
  4. its brand new
  5. I'll buy it for 1000r.
  6. How about 15 diamonds
  7. sorry Beau only rupees
  8. people this auction will finish in 6 hours
  9. I thought this wasn't an auction ahah, anyways, a brand new one with efficency 4... probably around 5k

    Tho ill bid 2k :p
  10. Now he gets more money than he would have originally. :p

    You lose, Mugatu. :)
  11. """you lose mugato"""lol
  12. btw whoever wins i live on smp1 at 1179 so pop around wen u feel like it