Diamond Pick Silk Touch I, Unbreaking III

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  1. Auction Starts at 1000
    Bids in increments of 250
    Bid Ends 24 Hours after last Bid
    Pick up at 1909 SMP1
  2. This is equal to 3 silk touch
  3. I bid... 5500 and does items count? If it does plus 64 diamonds.
  4. COME ON!!! 8500 plus 64 diamonds
  5. Let me have this one please!!! I never had silktouch!!!
  6. Ugh... I can't spend this much money especially that im a normal user. I'm out.
  7. current Winner Is SHooter00 only 20 hours less unless someone sels bids
  8. Silktouch is soo expensive :eek:
  9. i dont see whats so good about silk touch... :confused:
  10. well you can mine tho ores of lapis,redstone,coal, diamonds used for decorating
  11. :eek::eek::eek: mother of god.....
  12. what?
  13. It's soo expensive :eek: