Diamond Pick Auction!!! Efficiency III

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  1. Minimum bid: 350r

    Bids Increase: 50r

    Pick it up at 2133 when auction is ova

    To be clear thats smp1

    Auction over when no one bids any higher!!!

    Happy Bidding! =D
  2. Bidding over!!!!!!
  3. Not bidding anymore....i want to keep my pick :D
  4. ...
  5. srry lol....its already broken
  6. Dude,thats just unfair.
  7. wat u mean? i said auction is over so chill
  8. You can't have someone bid and then tell them you want to keep it. You'll be lucky if anyone ever buys from you again, AND you didn't disclose that the pick had been used...Plymouth I would get a mod involved...
  9. the pick wasent used....
    It was new
    I said i broke it after i said i was keeping it
    I went mining and broke it :p got a problem?
  10. yes, you CAN NOT auction something off and decide once someone starts bidding on said auction that you want to keep it for yourself. If you wanted to keep it for yourself you should have never posted on the forums. I will be speaking with a moderator. It's people like you that are going to make them stop allowing honest, fair people from auctioning on here anymore.
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  11. If this were ebay, superboyman would indeed be liable for a small cost for breaching contract. It isn't ebay however, and there really is nothing we can do about an item which doesn't exist anymore because it has been completely used up. This is indeed a very poor practice, and i doubt anyone will put their full trust in him as far as auctions go in the future, but for now, there is nothing which can be done sorry. Nobody had actually paid any money for it, so no-one has realistically been ripped off, just had their time wasted.
    Please don't do this in the future superboyman.
  12. I agree completely with this. I think there should be some sort of punishment for these types of things in order to deter people from doing it in the first place. This is essentially griefing and should be treated as such.
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  13. Thank You!!!! I feel bad for the guy. He placed the minimum bid, won fare and square and then was told, sorry I'm gonn use it instead! By a gold member at that! And he is basically laughing about it.
  14. His reputation = shattered.
  15. Omg i understand...but its not a HUGE deal....i dont do lots of auctions. This was my second one. So dont make me feel bad by saying my reputation is shattered. I understand ur mad and stuff but plz get ova it. Theirs nothing i can do anymore :(
  16. actually, he didnt win yet. I DEFINETLY did not cheat that way! I did not use it because he won it. Second, he didnt win yet The auction was not over
  17. It may seem dat way...alot. But actually thats not the truth. I decided i wanted the pick cause i was going mining. Anything wrong with one little mistake?
  18. laughing about it? Uhhh no man. Get yo facts right and stop predicting things : I
  19. Can you please use edit?

    Shattered, ruined.. call it what you like but I certainly won't be bidding on any of your auctions.
    And I also feel sorry for the winner.