diamond ore building contest

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  1. hey everyone i have created a diamond ore building contest for supporter you will win 5000 rp
    for non supporter you will win 5000 rp so pls participate you can build anything no matter what type of thing you build the most people vote for you ,you will win the ending date will be 3 week after scarligimone end his contest at the end or the contest will will have a vote the person who have a most voting will win the rp
    if want to join this contest pls write down your name sever and done/undone [ ]
  2. um, its going to cost more in diamond ore than the payout is... Good luck with this one
  3. I dont really get the contest do you mean building with diamond ore or building a diamond ore statue and why are nonsupporters getting less rupees if they win.
  4. ok i will increse the price to make both same
  5. uhmm a house of diamond ore? err um No
  6. no you can use anything just build anything you want with dimaond ore or block if got people like and they vote you you will win if you got many voting
  7. ong can i have the 5000 r
  8. yes if you win
    if you want to join
    pls type your server: name:
    done/undone { }