Diamond Ore Auction

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  1. I am Auctioning off a Diamond Ore not diamond. The rules are as follows:
    -Starting bid of 300
    -Chest will be set up at my res on smp1 if not claimed within the week I will reclaim item
    -Bidding increments of 50

    Good luck
  2. 300 r are you crazy?
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  3. If you bid higher i will sell my farming goods and make it 900
  4. Whos winnimg bow, ich diamond supporters are
  5. 1000, just to see how much you want this block.;)
  6. Dang guys... for just one diamond ore block, really?
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  7. i know right? i was like... what?! and then bam, placed a stack on the auction block lol.
  8. It's for the fun! Might as well spend my rupees on this....
  9. wow, im am switching jobs to mining diamond ore blocks. one diamond silktough pickaxe = 1562 diamond ore blocks potentially = aprox price of 500r a block, my rough maths puts that at 750,000 value for 1 silktouch pickaxe.
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  10. yeah you see why i wanted a silk touch so bad.
  11. yeah, people are crazy :p
  12. lol. this auction is crazy.
  13. I ragequot
  14. apparently, he is... :D
  15. Does this mean I won?:eek:
    By the way, does anyone know how I can downgrade my minecraft? I'm running Ubuntu. Didn't see anything in that thread I was refered to.