Diamond or Gold Supporter?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Erektus, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. I am debating buying Diamond or Gold supporter, or not buying either and spending $100 on a bunch of gold vouchers and becoming a New-Member-Millionaire.

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  2. be prepared! when i got my 1st supporter i didnt even know what to do ^.^ if ur ready to claim 4 resses u should get a dia voucher, get the 4 resses and also be sure to mine on utopia (easier because its always light!).

    but if u just want to get to try be supporter u should get gold. gets u one extra res. and enough extras to enjoy (support chat, extra forums and chatting in wasteland).
  3. Diamond to claim your first four residences and get a big boost in rupees each day, after that it's up to you, what ever you can afford to give to EMC. Both have very nice rewards, but diamond will get you all the things that you need for your first month.
  4. I think that you should get whatever floats your boat. Like Ayanami said, you should only get what you need.

    Also, becoming a millionaire is okay, as long as you can balance your budget. I once got 50k and blew within the next week. To tell you the truth, that 50k sat in chests until I went derelict. :p
  5. Ok, here it goes. Buy diamond for one month, it'll get you 4 residences. Then after that, drop down to gold. Or you could continue buying diamond to support the server even more!
  6. I would suggest diamond supporter, But if not I sell gold vouchers for 225k!
  7. Selling them at 190k each.
  8. Diamond! You get more stuff. Mine expired, but it was great.
  9. I want supporter, but I don't have the money.