Diamond, Gold, and Iron Supporter Vouchers For Sale!

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  1. Heya Empire Minecraft Players, TheKutesyKiraboo Here!

    I am selling three different wonderful types of EMC Supporter Vauchers, Diamond, Gold, and Iron.
    I am homed to SMP8, so if for some reason I may not be reachable on here, try the weirdest server, SMP8. I am also selling a bit of promos. (<----- A different forum) I am selling Diamond Voucher's for 390,000 rupees. Gold Voucher's are 203,000 rupees. Last but not least, Iron Voucher's are being sold for 105,000 rupees. If you have a issues with these prices please contact me on forums, I am very negotiable, as long as you are reasonable. :)

    - Thanks, TheKutesyKiraboo

    ***These Prices May Be Subject To Lower Charge****

  2. You Can Find The Res Where They Are Being Sold On SMP8 TheKutesyKiraboo's 2nd Res
  3. Nice might stop by some time :3