DewyPie's Giveaway :P (only for 5 1st commentors)

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  1. hi guys dewypie here ill be giving away 5 free signatures customized for u if u look at my signature ill make it like that or a image freely just comment below and ill try look u up :p (i accept tips) >.<
  2. Uhh, I would like to get a new signature :3
  3. ok i got yer back picture or animated?
  4. Could I have an animated sig? :3 I may tip ;)
  5. Can you create a gif where Joker walks across from left to right while pulling a curtain, revealing the phrase "Why So SERIOUS?" The joker can be like a chibi version or something.

    Will definitely tip you large if you can make this happen.
  6. Ahh too late, buy I really like those signatures!
  7. Animated. Mebbe a dragon flying by and saying " Catch Me " or is that to much? :p
  8. Hi I don't want a signature but I like taking up useless posts so other people can't get one mwahahahaha
  9. you are 2 people late sir
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  10. You was actually the 5th one :p
  11. There can be an infinite amount of posts per thread.
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  12. He's saying that because the title stated that only the first five people to comment would get a signature.
  13. i can make it but it will take me time to make those things im just giving away basic like your name moving and stuffs :p
  14. Alright well you can start a pm with me when you start it so you can show me the parts you will use. If it turns out great I will pay you enough to be happy :).
  15. Making signatures tommorow ill pm u the link guys thankzzz