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  1. Hey guys, I'm a producer from Oregon that makes all kinds of EDM! I've got a ton of free downloads on my Soundcloud page. Feel free to use any of my songs in your videos or whatever. I just ask that you link me your creations and give me credit for it :)
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  2. Pretty decent, overall. :) Not really my thing, I guess - I mostly gave the (Original) stuff a listen, since I like hearing what artists come up with on their own merit. Seemed a little... well, 'empty' is the impression I got, owing mostly to the minimal use of instruments and echoing feeling. Suppose that's about on-par with other tunes in the genre though? Would like to hear some richer, more layered stuff (that isn't trying to blow out my headphones ) but I can appreciate the music for what it is, even if it's not exactly to my taste.
  3. You might enjoy my Made For The Radio EP better than my other stuff.
  4. I liked new beginning and the kitten one the best but I do agree with Kephras. For the length of the songs, there doesn't seem to be enough variety. There really should be some more complex or layered rhythms that are going on. The song needs to move more and not sit on one thing as long. Even if that means having a shorter song, I feel like it would improve the quality.
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  6. A lot of EDM is pretty simple and repetitive, makes it easier to dance to, it's all about the minor changes. If that's not something you're into then EDM definitely isn't for you :p