Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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  1. Anyone else playing this?

    For once I'm trying not to rush myself to finish it, instead playing for a few hours every other day.

    I never really understood the allure of the Deus Ex franchise (much like Duke Nukem) and I only played the demo of the original game when I was too young to really make the most of it, but something about this game hits me just right. I could have been heavily influenced by the fact that I watched a live demo in the main theater at PAX East.

    After playing it for a bit, it's so obvious why I like it so much: it's more or less a perfect composition of Splinter Cell and Mass Effect, two of my favourite game franchises. The cover system felt somewhat backwards in terms of the controls at first, but I'm now used to it, especially after setting it to a toggle.

    I could go on about the various merits of the game, but it all boils down to one absolute conclusion: French-Canadians make amazing games.
  2. I never played any of it...but videos of the original seem to look like it also has Half-Life elements.
  3. I think the only comparison you could make with Half-Life is the similar weapons (submachine gun, revolver, crossbow, etc.). But I suppose if you like the combat elements of Half-Life (and who doesn't) and RPGs, then you would find Deus Ex fun.
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  4. One of the better games I've played in a long time, really tuned and polished. Definitely a game I'll pick back up in the future for cheap and play through again.
  5. Oh really it is that good....*goes to check price* i may pick this up to give me something fun to play between forza 4 battlefield3 MC and gears 3 xD