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  1. Hello EMC,
    I recently got hacked and someone stole 50k from my account. Could everyone help but looking at their shops and see if people who aren't supporters buy a lot of things from their shop and then if they do and it cost a lot plz go and look at their res and look at their profile and who ever catchs the bad guy and gets my 50k return then they will make some $$. I will determine the profit on the time you retrieve my money. Plz reply to thread.
    Thank You EMC Members,
  2. i posted in your other thread that was exactly the same
  3. PM a mod asking to check rupees history to see who made a 50k transaction from your account
  4. or just go to ruppess and click the down arrow and hit history
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  5. Thank You For All Your Ideas
  6. Yeah go to Rupees History and see what it comes up with, then report your findings to a mod immediately.
  7. Check rupees history :D
  8. You can always check your transaction history here on the website/forums, that will show you were your funds have been spent. :)
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