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  1. Hello EMC,
    I recently got hacked and someone stole 50k from my account. Could everyone help but looking at their shops and see if people who aren't supporters buy a lot of things from their shop and then if they do and it cost a lot plz go and look at their res and look at their profile and who ever catchs the bad guy and gets my 50k return then they will make some $$. I will determine the profit on the time you retrieve my money.
    Thank You EMC Members,
  2. ill help as much as i can
  3. check your ruppess history and see who the hacker gave it to that would help alot :)
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  4. not only would it help. Unless they made a fake account to get the money then its that account that has it. If they moved it again ask a mod if they can see rupee history. I think this matter would best be settled in a pm with the top mods and admins
  5. i help alot with this everyone loves me on this thread ^_^