Destruction of Voter Armor

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  1. Friday evening, just prior to 9 pm central time I was killed by a creeper as I stepped off the protected outpost at /waste e on smp8.

    When I respawned all of my voter armor (head, chest, legs and feet) were gone from my inventory. I still had my voter's sword, just no armor.

    When I went back to my death spot, none of the rest of my equipment was there either. (Just a few enchanted tools, arrows, torches and food)

    Is there any way to have my voter armor returned to me? I can rebuild the enchanted tools, but I cannot get the armor again.
  2. Usually the armor is there but not visible. If you click in the first 4 slots of the top row in the inventory should should be there. But if this is the case disconnecting and connecting again will refresh it. Also, try right clicking with a damaged tool - that will also refresh your inventory.

    Should this not work, I'd private Aikar at and see if he'll replace it. Because it's a bug, it will probably be fixed. I hope you get this resolved.
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  3. Thank you for the advise and possible solutions PenguinDJ. Sadly, after trying all that you have suggested, I am still armorless, so I did message Aikar. Even if I can't be helped, with luck it can be researched and keep it from happening to others.
  4. Have you checked your vault? This happened to someone else and it spawned in their vault, so I recommend trying it.
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  5. An update.

    I had checked my vault, and all the chests in my residence, just in case, with no results.

    However, switching to another world did the trick and I have my armor back.
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  6. Awesome, glad you got it resolved. :)