destruction of land marks

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  1. i see now why most people will not build out in the wild. players disreguard to other players buildings and more often then not its to help the players in general. example smp4 hase several roads that other people built and i have been helping to maintain for about a few weeks now but today just pissed me off to no end i went out to check the status as i do almost everyday to find that a large section of the bridge to the east was wiped out and replaced without a care to the actuall cunstruction nor was it replaed later that i can see. i can understand the one or 2 blocks missing now and then but when it turns to 50 plus blocks in a wide area is when it gets out of hand. i know of at least 2 people who put RL days into that road and connecting bridges and they have done it with out being asked have sepnt hours mining out the areas and laying down foundations. unfortunetly this can not be resolved as the identity of the people(s) involved with the destruction can not be atained but still there are other places to atain materials to use back in the res.

    all i ask is that players think before they actually mine or destroy structures that other players spent days makeing for the use of the general population, who knows the raods may one day connect the other spawn points
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  2. The trouble is my impression of griefers are players who dont stick around on one server for very long. I could well be wrong but Im thinking they connect to a server, destroy stuff and move on. Generally if they use the forums (and read this) theyre a better sort of player.

    [edit] if we could prove my theory that griefers are new players I wonder if we could have 2 wildernesses, one for players < 1 week and one for more seasoned players...
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  3. i know that may be for the more comment ones. its just now i hav to spend more time repairing the raod then actuall maintinance on it. meaning that i need to get the materials and hopefully be able to reapir it in the condition it was in before it was destryed
  4. the 2 wilderness idea has merit but the n you have to look at the time it would take to get a sepreat wilderness going as well as giveing permissions to access it after the players stay a week