Destiny! Raid Teams

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Do you have destiny

Yes 5 vote(s) 33.3%
No 7 vote(s) 46.7%
No, but I want it 2 vote(s) 13.3%
Yes, but I don't like it (ps if anyone votes for this i don't like you... Jk) 1 vote(s) 6.7%
  1. Let's keep this short and sweet you can do two things here.
    A. Post guide videos for raids
    B. Ask to join. My raiding group called The Gamin Legendz (GLz)
    If you wish to join (or even if you don't and you just need rain team post here two.) here is the format I want you to post in.

    Console type
    Gamer tag this is optional but if you want to join be sure to PM me or just say in in comments.
    Level of character
    Weapon preference
    If you have a microphone if you don't have a mic I won't reject you, just makes raids a bit harder to Co-ordinate.
    This is to people of EMC can get in teams to win the vault of glass and more types to come!
  2. Moose has it. Hogs my tv pretty much every night in between his updates.

    i know he's a hunter
    i wanna say level 25
    don't know his weapon preference
    he has a moc
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  3. Xbone
    I can pm my gamer tag to you if you want.
    Can I join? I don't have friends so I have no one to raid with...
  4. Ok so I thought I might want to show or rather tell you how to join the group there are 2 ways. the easy way then the harder way.
    the easy way: if you have a Smartphone OR Tablet download the Destiny Companion app by Bungie.
    once downloaded sign in via PlayStation or Microsoft account. then press the double shaded square (or door, however you look at it) in the top left corner. then tap the "Groups" tab. then (since I own the group I am truly guessing but it should work) it should say "you are not in a group" hopefully there is a search bar to search for groups if not PM me in this thread and I will try to find out an alternate way to get people to be able to join. if there is a search bar search "The Gamin Legendz" then tap join group.

    harder way: go to then sign in or join up if you don't have a bungie account. after that the 6th tab down should be the groups tab. click on it. it should have a search tab in the top left corner of your screen to search in a Group to join. if not again PM me and I may be able to make an alternate way to allow you to join.

    now that I look back both ways are easy but in the end the destiny companion app has more applications to it and would make life much easier.

    I hope this helped!:)
  5. Bump!
    I know a fairly amount of people have destiny!
    so why not join, might be one of the easiest ways for YOU to find a raid team!
  6. I love destiny.
  7. xbox one
    lvl 5
    i was late to the party cause of boarding school but i am down to game and kill some aliens
  8. Feel free to join, when join please PM me on the destiny forums.