Destiny Let's Play/ Gaming For Fun

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  1. Hey what up everyone Mythic here. I am here to let you all know on my new channel I started to play Destiny since it was a new game and it looked fun. I was right it is a fun game. Also on weekends I will be doing Minecraft. Minecraft I will have the game mode set to hard for a challenge. Destiny is already kind of hard. Ep 3 of Destiny comes out today so check that out. The mic is not the best cause it was a cheap mic but it gets the job done. All the supports helps a channel out. View, comments, likes, dislikes, and subscribes. It all really helps a channel out. I do my best to give good quality out but it not always easy with cheap stuff but hey I try and I don't give up. Its a really fun thing recording. So here is the first 2 ep of my Destiny Let's Play and I hope you all enjoy. Comment down below on the video to let me know what ya all think of it.

    Support is always great.
    Have a great day everyone.
    Have fun playing.