Desperate Times.... | Help with Minecraft Tex Packs

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  1. Ok so I will give a basic rundown.
    I wanted to download the new Sphax Texture Pack 32x32, so I did, and almost everything was black in-game. So I went online again and read you need MCPatcher then Optifine.. or it wasn't neccessary.. but I'm not sure. So I force updated, downloaded Patcher, patched it, downloaded ModLoader, patched it, then I downloaded Optifine, Rei's Minimap and TMI. Those three mods didn't work for some reason/didn't show up in Minecraft even though I put it into the .jar.
    If anyone can answer these questions, I would be grateful. Thank you.
    Which version of the texture pack can/should you choose? Is 32x32 broken?
    MCPatcher is needed for the tex pack, but w/o I have all the other mods... I need both! Please help.
    Can anyone give me a solution to have Optifine, Sphax Texture Pack, Rei's Minimap and TMI for my Minecraft jar thingy or whatever? I am sincerely a beginner at this so I'm asking for some help. If anyone understood this wall of text, please try to help. Thanks!
    - Sad (because he can't download mods) Saj
  2. One thing to do to make it easier is get Magic Launcher. Then in your .minecraft folder create a folder titled mods. Place all downloaded mods in this folder. Place texturepack in TP folder. Open Magic launcher and choose Set up. Then install mods in the proper order. If you're doing Modloader and optifine and Rei's you will need to choose Add and Modloader then do the same for Optifine, then the same for Rei's. Make sure they are checked in the top menu as well as bottom then choose OK. Login and you should be good.
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  3. Where do I acquire this Magic?
    EDIT: Is there tutorials on updating Magic Launchers to new updates? And also do you create the mod folder in .minecraft or the Magic launcher .minecraft? Or does it not have one? Ugh. I hate this stuff. :3
  4. If your texture pack turns out black at 32 bit, your graphics card sucks. MC Patcher always ruins mods, you have to download them through the patcher. Just get rid of MC Patcher and get Magic Launcher, like what Pandas said. The patcher isn't required, it's just better for the texture pack.
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  6. The Magic launcher will create its own folder, as Minecraft did when you downloaded it. Just download the launcher and save it anywhere. It's just a separate launcher.
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  7. Don't mix MCP and Optifine. The results are... unpleasant.
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  8. Ok that still doesn't answer my question though, do you create the mod folder in the Minecraft launcher .minecraft or the Magic launcher .minecraft?
  9. Heh. I've noticed. But it says that you need MCP for my tex pack, so what do I do?
  10. It probably says MCP HD Fix or Optifine. They don't like each other because they both modify the same stuff.
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  11. Optifine works fine with Sphax, that's what I use. Majik Lawnchair will use the same files as the regular launcher, so just go into your .minecraft and make a folder titled Mods. The only thing I ever have to use the regular launcher for is to force update.
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  12. OH. Ok. But still, when I did that earlier, Rei's, TMI didn't show up (that time Opti did) and everything on EMC was blacked out. Only chests for some reason were still there. HALP!
    EDIT: I'll try again, if it doesn't work, refer back to this post again :p
  13. Update: I did all this, and I got the black screen of death after login. :/
  14. Do you have (Forge)ModLoader? Rei's and TMI both require it. Also, you should probably get one of those Optifine versions that requires modloader if you're intent on getting Rei and TMI.

    You can use either FML or ModLoader, depends on what you're doing... ModLoader is just if you don't have any forge-required mods.
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  15. You don't create the folder, it makes one on its own. It's a sub folder named Magic in the .minecraft folder. And Magic Launcher isn't a mod, it's a launcher.
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  16. Yes I have ModLoader, and I got the black screen...
    No Panda mentioned that you have to make a mod folder, which I now assume in the .minecraft, anyways, I probably won't use Magic just as a last resort, and plus I answered my own question haha.
  17. I never made a folder, my launcher did it on its own, so i'm not sure.
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  18. I'm going to try to reverse the order, hopefully it will work.
  19. I'm pretty sure HD texture packs do not need mcpatcher or optifine to work after 1.5. I have tried a HD texture pack in 1.5 without mcpatcher or optifine and it worked fine.
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  20. Update: I fixed the problem! It seems all along CTM was included with OptiFine, and also I had to delete minecraft 1.5.1 .jar then Force Update. Thanks for all the tips, suggestions and advice guys!

    EDIT: AGH!! I hate MC. Really? It happened to me again!