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  1. I came back to my frontier base and noticed my tamed wolfs (4) were gone. They were sitting and inside. When I went to look around I also noticed my Mooshroom was gone too. Looking at /entcount I was around 220/250. Would this cause them to despawn? I highly doubt anyone came by and took them.
  2. Did someone take them?
  3. /entc was high due to me being over zealous with my pig and cow breeding. When I left the base it was about 150-160 mostly all animals. I bred the animals and left. When I returned the wolves and mooshroom were gone and the /entc was nearing but not at the cap. I would figure that breeding would stop if the cap was met but it seems like other animals are despawned to allow breeding?
  4. As far as I know, when the cap is met, the animals won't breed anymore, they'll just keep the hearts above their head until you kill a few entities or the hearts go away (takes a few minutes). But if they do despawn to make room for breeding, unless you torched everything up, chances are there were still hostile mobs in there, which would have despawned first. Your animals would only have despawned if the 220 mobs in the area were all animals and you were extremely unlucky.