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  1. Hello everyone Im here to file a bug/complaint about my chickens randomly despawning. I just recently made a hopper system to collect the eggs as they are laid, I used about 7 spawn eggs to start and then I left the server to play another game but when I came back... (i hope the picture shows)

    on each of these hoppers there was a baby chick but now they are gone and my /entc has gone down there not anywhere on my res or outside my res. I'm not asking for a refund (but a refund would be nice) but I'm asking for a fix (also when I realized this I typed in chat about it and my neighbor FUCreeper said his animals despawn occasionally too) this has never happened to me before is this a know bug that's being worked on or is this fairly new?
    (also im still a bit of a noob so im not sure if Ive said everything or even posted in the right spot if I have would a staff member move/fix this?
    this happened on SMP3
  2. they didn't actually de spawn, there's just a bug where animals can walk through blocks.
  3. Next time put the hopper in the center of running water that runs on all sides then the chickens wont be able to run through the blocks :)
  4. but the entcount went down (but i might just be losing my mind)
    mind showing me a picture?
  5. ergo, they walked off the res
  6. the last time that happened to me (villager) it came back when I tried to eggify it saying something then tping back onto my res
  7. Something like this I saw Deathtomb do it before on his Sheep Shearing Res and it seems to work.

  8. its glitchy, they could of suffocated in a wall aswell
  9. are those pressure plates on the hoppers?
  10. Yes it stops the water from over flowing then messing the flow of the water up. The eggs will drop into the hoppers.
  11. alright thanks man now i an use all my extra hoppers for an auto smelter.
    now all i need to do is get some more chickens
  12. Can't help you there :p and if this don't work I apologize I just know it seems to work for Deathtomb.
  13. Simple: The king of Chickens took them to his kingdom
  14. It is a simple intervention by...
    Da Sasseh Smoocheh.jpg
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  15. When making a coop dealing with water, be careful with baby chickens and water. They drown. I'm not sure about baby chickens and hoppers :I
  16. That's when the chickens are in stilled water they'll get shoved under by other chickens just don't over stuff your coop and you should be fine.

    But with this one the flowing water will stop the chickens form going underwater, once again don't over stuff your coop.
  17. This is probably what happened you have to sit and watch them grow up, glass works well for walls to keep them from suffocating.

    Here is a pic of my chicken farm it works well :)
    It has glass on the bottom row of the wall's, with hoppers under neath the chickens.

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  18. Edit: blarg, I hit enter. I didn't have that many in there.