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  1. Hey fellow Minecrafters! i was just wandering af anyone of you coulda make me a desktop background like the picture below, but instead of saying Skrillex make it say Joel. 5373689071_98a622dd9f_b[1].jpg
  2. Bump :p

    Really wanna desktop background like this, but saying Joel not skrillex, any1 that can make me one???
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  3. :D is it even possible to do it? some1 plzzz reply
  4. Tell me what resolution you want it in
  5. WHOA!!!! how you do that!!!! ummm, is it ok if you make it all abit brighter, take the red off the E, and bunch it up abit more???? BUT ITS GREAT!!!!!! and i dunno what resulution, the highest u can get i guess :p
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  6. can you make me a cool background? not really nfell2009 but something cool too look at :D
  7. the signature he made for me
  8. Boooooo Skrillex. BOOOOOOO.
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  9. Skrillex is BEAST!!!
  10. Yep I can do that, but you will want to tell me what resolution you want.
    The "highest I can get" is only bound to how long I'm willing to wait for it to render, but for the best quality and efficient render, tell me what you are using this for. If this is for your desktop background for example, tell me your screen resolution. If this is for a video, tell me the video resolution.
  11. Go dig a hole, Skrillex is boss.
  12. guys skrillex is good to some not very good to others leave it at that
  13. More like this?
    (You still need to tell me what resolution you want, see above for details)
  14. Thats great!!!! Its for my desktop background, so something like 1536x960, is that alright?
  15. A MacBook is not an instrument.
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  16. THANKS HEAPS MAN!!!!! i love you! kiss me! looks good as bro!!!

    Edit: actually i just looked at it for about 5mins, and can you plz make the O abit smaller, put the line ontop of the J, and same resolution!!! :D thx