Design my tattoo!!

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  1. So, I need a new tattoo, I could not really decide what to get. And then the thought occurred to me, why not consult with the best artists i know? ;)

    So I am holding a little contest, no reward or anything, just the ability to live for my lifespan through your artwork. So, just post some tattoo ideas.

    And if it is awesome and EMC/minecraft related... it will have a better chance of winning.

    Nothing to crazy big, because i am on a budget.
  2. "Its in the grey text"?!? How could you not consider that idea!
  3. Did you have any ideas in mind?
    If you want a drawing, I'm itching to break out my tablet :3
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  4. I'll draw something in paint later.
  5. A tattoo you can't see probably isn't his goal here.

    On topic: a creeper. Maybe with a SSSSsssss... coming from it, maybe one asking for a hug. Maybe one standing behind you (your MC skin, and a creeper behind it). Maybe you hugging a creeper. That IS your avatar here, after all.
  6. TBH that was my original idea, to go with my avatar, but, that is another person's work, someone i do not know. I want something unique, something that represents ISMOOCH as an MC... no an EMC personality.

    amadai, i would be honored to put see an original piece of artwork by you.
  7. Bonus points if you put EmpireMinecraft's logo on it somewhere. :D
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  8. Yeah, If that is in there somewhere, its chances of being used are higher, however, after i get it, i will have to watch my step as to not ever ever loose ties to EMC
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  9. Plus it would be the second time that something I helped create gaming wise would become a tattoo on someone, lol.
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  10. This seems abusable. Will spend time on that thought Muhahahaha :3

    Edit: Your instant like, makes obvious that I hit the nail on the head :D
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  11. What amadai said. Since you want something unique to you, and not just someone else's idea.... you need to get some ideas out here! What goes with the EMC icon/logo?
  12. So, something that involves a creeper, maybe the EMC logo and ISMOOCH...
    Does your name imply smooching? :p
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  13. ... no... one of these days i will explain my username to everyone... but this is not the time or place XD. but it does NOT mean... to smooch (kiss) anything...
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  16. I can't help. All I see are cubes.
  17. Hmm, the baby Richard from the LFG Comic. :D
  18. Aww now I have to google LFG.:p