Deserted Res's

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by MEINCRAVTA, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. I have a bunch of friends that I want to move next to with my second res on SMP6. Theres a bunch that are empty right by his res and i walked on one, and it said it was owned. I /p'd the player and it said they signed in 17 days ago and they were last online 17 days ago? Furthermore people who have empty res's and haven't been on for a few days seriously should be contacted. There is literally nothing on some of these res's and I think they should be reclaimed for inactivity, because its taking up spots for other people who use their res's.
  2. The 10 day derelict policy should be active again, but as has been said before, if you come across a Residence that has an owner that's outwith the 10 day window, contact a Moderator and they'll look at de-claiming the Res for you.

    I've had it done in the past on my neighbour because he'd been gone over three weeks and my animals kept escaping and being burnt to death on his Netherrack flaming wall. :)
  3. Thanks! Ill try contacting mod if any are online, should i just pm or do it in game?
  4. ?
    ? Is this like a joke?
  5. Contact a senior mod, only they can unclaim residences.
    Do it via PM or ingame doesnt matter, but be shure about the "player" you going to talk about actually it's 10 days + away from EMC :)
  6. Either or. A PM at least means it's been lodged and they know about it. :)
  7. You can contact senior staff, but most likely they will tell you that the derelict policy will take care of it. Justin has said many times that the derelict policy, although started at 10 days, is a bit behind. It's also possible that some of the lots in question have temporary derelict protection which is automatic for supporters, but any member can ask for it.