Desert near west spawn in SMP2

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  1. I walked ny this place and it was totally catastrophic sight.
    Look like it just got nuked. 2555-01-07_23.38.25.jpg
    Just wanna share :eek:
  2. Alas, It is a common sight I'm afraid :/
  3. yeah, i think the tnt perk should be removed and completely banned
  4. I don't know TNT or not. but many people harvest sand from there
  5. Yeah this isn't TNT use, this is sand and sandstone mining. Hopefully it is within the yellow reset box (now viewable on live map) and it can be reset easily. If not, I have quite a bit of spare dirt and would be glad to at least make the area traversable again for everyone. :)

    On a side note though, it's a pretty awesome photo showing the destruction, the minecraft equivalent of fallout 3 post-apocalyptic world :)
  6. I got 6 big chest full of dirt. I would like to help :)

    I just checked it out. It's outside of yellow box. the size of it is about a little more than half of the red box
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  7. It's a pretty thankless job, and It won't take long to return to a ruined state, but if your willing to assist it is much appreciated by the staff and all the players who could potentially lose their entire mining plunder/armor/tools from falling down a 1x1, 60 block deep hole.
  8. Same on SMP3
  9. Okay :)
    Terraforming commence in 9 hours (Sleep first. :D)
  10. Hopefully smp3 shouldn't be too bad, Justin reset a large area around main spawn the other day, and I patched up some areas around outpost spawns, let me know if I am wrong though, and I'll check it out and do what I can. :)
  11. Maybe i'll just leave it like that :(
    I fix part of it for 2 times now (same part) and then I come back another day. it's became a mess again.