Derilect Policy not working?

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  1. I travel aroung on Smp 8 and when I look at people profiles on this website it says that they haven't been active for months but their houses are still there. Why is this? I've found at least 10 people that should not have a house.
    1. The derelict policy is currently frozen during the update.
    2. Even if it was, it only kicks in if extra res's are needed of if someone requests it.
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  2. Res's are only rested as they are needed.
  3. The server only deletes reses when they're needed (well, it's supposed to be seems to be a bit slow). If there's a res you specifically want, PM shaunwhite1982, Maxarias and IcecreamCow, and they'll unclaim it for you. :)

    However, the derelict policy is disabled right now due to the 1.4.6 update.

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  4. Its been answered :)
  5. Yes, we know. And we wonder why your post count is so high...
  6. Because im amazing! :D
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  8. spamming writing posts
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  9. Fix'd.
  10. Refix'd
  11. Thanks for all the help guys.
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