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  1. My friend has a neighbor who hasn't build anything on his res and hasn't logged on once. i want the res next to my friend and i heard about the derelict system and i was wondering do they get kicked automatically or does a moderator have to do it because one time i didn't play for weeks and my res stayed
  2. Hmmm pm Icecreamcow. He will answer your question
  3. From what I was told they go on a list and when needed they get cleared. But if it's past the policy time then you can PM a senior mod and they can clear it for you to claim.
  4. This is true. Reses don't auto-unclaim themselves, they just become eligible for unclaiming. I got the one next to me cleared by grabbing IcecreamCow when he logged onto the server.
  5. If the owner of said res had been inactive for over 10 days, then contact a senior staff or admin and they will be glad to help. If they have been banned, then you only have to wait 7 days.
  6. ok i started a conversation with ice cream cow
  7. it has been more that 45 minutes and icecreamcow has been on the whole time and hasn't responded
  8. Residences DO auto-unclaim, but they are put on a list. Derelict residences are only unclaimed when a new player logs on to a server with less than 10(?) open residences. The oldest residences are reclaimed first, so a new derelict could sit for months on end before the queuing is done.
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  9. hey crazy since you are a moderator can you unclaim the res
  10. No, only senior moderators or admins can do that.
    The guys that can do that for you are:
    Just be patient, one of them will come on eventually.
  11. Is there any reason why this isn't somewhere on the Empire Guide? Also, mind if I copy-paste this to the wiki?
  12. Just because he's online doesn't mean he isn't busy. Running a server is hard work you know!
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  13. They're unclaimed as others claim them. In fact, when I moved to SMP3, my new res had doors and beds lying around. Free doors FTW! :)
  14. Using the Live Map... Make sure they are not supporters because the derelict policy does not apply to supporters, but I assume you already checked this
  15. Come time it will be your must have Patience, young padawan in yoda's voice
  16. Yeah, doors and signs (and maybe beds as well) just drop on the ground when a res is unclaimed. So if you ever manage to get my res unclaimed, good luck picking up all the signs :3