Derelict Status???

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  1. Ummm The server restarted and then I found out this? 2013-07-02_23.35.23.png
  2. I think Aikar will post something about this soon
  3. The server reboot a little while ago mentioned fixing crashing issues, and a new Derelict something-or-other, but it referenced the main site and no news has been posted yet. I keep refreshing the main page hoping to see whatever it was the reboot message was talking about.
  4. You don't need to PM a senior staff anymore to unclaim an inactive's residence. /res forceclaim
  5. You also have to pay 5K or so I've been told.
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  6. How did you figure this out? is it in the /help?
  7. Aikar and others are on smp2 discussing.
  8. Idk, But when I did /p erosego It said 'Protected' Sooooo
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  9. Supporters have automatic derelict protection and therefore can't be claimed as long as they are supporters. :)
  10. Oh Ok, Wait for me do I have to wait 14 days or something?
  11. Basically if you don't login in 14 days, your plot can be claimed. Same for my 3.
  12. Thank you so much this makes sense