Derelict Properties

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  1. Do derelict properties ever get reset? I think pretty much all the properties around mine are derelict. I know someone can force claim a res but it costs 5k rupees. Any new players looking for a place to claim can't even look at these places.

    So, I'm stuck with neighbors who built a dirt hut and quit the game. Ok, well, off on one side a neighbor built a kind of cool theme park. You have to use an ender pearl to get in there though because he walled it off before he quit playing.
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  2. Yes,
    though they are only ever reclaimed once the servers begin to get full.
  3. *cough* smp6 *cough*
  4. Just wait a bit. It took about 300 days for a res next to mine to get reclaimed by the server.
  5. I have one next to me that I was considering claiming. I'm not sure yet what I want to do there so I haven't decided I want it badly enough to spend the 5k just to have an empty patch of Grass.

    I think a nice feature would be to allow people to mark a residence that is derelict so that when the system goes through and reclaims plots, the ones that have been tagged take priority over allowing the server to randomly select all of them. Maybe it could reserve it for me or maybe just let anyone take it.

    In my case it would only be allowing me to have a chance to claim that plot for free if I keep watching for it. In the OP's case he could clean up the scenery around his Residence while setting things up to encourage new people into his neighborhood.
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  6. My daughters started playing but couldn't claim a res next to mine because they were all taken, yet they were all derelict. It would have been nice to have them right next door.
  7. New players can forceclaim for free. :(