Derelict Policy For Supporters?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by azoundria, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. What is defined as an active supporter?

    If someone becomes a supporter, is their residence safe forever even if they don't log in? Or is it safe until their support period expires? Plus 10 days? Plus a month?

    What happens to the extra residences they have? For example, if a diamond supporter stops supporting do those extra two residences get reset and reclaimed? And when does this happen?
  2. JustinGuy posted about this in another thread - If you are a diamond supporter and stop supporting, then your residences will stay until Justin devises a way to do this. And, the supporters will be able to choose which residences to keep. No one's support period expires, it auto-bills each month until it is canceled. An active supporter is a supporter that his keeping up on his/her payments.
  3. active supporters don't have to log in whilst their subscription is valid. once it runs out and they don't renew it, then i believe the derelict policy takes effect, but as twin chicken said it's not automatic.