[Denied]The WynGawDha Tridimensional Hyper Empire

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  1. Requesting established status for the founders (we really don't know what we are gonna name it yet, thats kinda an inside funny?) of Nutriciousbudha, Gawadrolt and WyntyrReavyn at locked chest in frontier( I am almost 100 percent certain I have only one locked chest) I don't have to provide coords or anything do I?

    Edit: SMP7
  2. So, I read the establishment claims guidelines thingy... after i posted, of course! [claim] <--- I moved the title.
  3. no clue how long these things usually take? should i message staff due to my lack of reading and marking with [claim] I think I shall. Also, if this can't be established I would much appreciate knowing if I can move within 2-3k blocks to make it possible. If I have to go another 10k+ so be it but I'm not trying to have to travel... too far. I doubt that is anything new though. So, any help would be appreciated :D
  4. It won't happen overnight. Usually a lot of claims are established st the same time, so if it gets to be over, say, three weeks message Socks and Simon.

    However, you need to state which server it is on for the claim to be established.
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  5. Its on smp7... that makes sense XD Thank you penguin!!!
  6. I guess I have one last question before this is looked at: We are gonna go somewhere we can establish this outpost so could I just reply that I set another locked chest if this is denied due to distance restrictions or do I need to open a whole new thread? From my understanding I'm gonna have to do a whole new thread, if it is not established. If it is, lets just keep it open that way everyone can laugh at my noobish-ness, its fun.
  7. I am sorry but you need to be both 5k away from a spawn and 3k away from any other player builds. Your locked chest is not 3k from other player builds. You will need to find a new location for your outpost.
  8. Kind of thought so, I planned on moving the chest, do I need to start a new thread?
  9. After you have a locked chest where you want it, you need to start a new thread with the following information. (The title of the thread should be Claim OutpostName.)

    Outpost Name:
    Other members:

    Additional you may want to state whether you are seeking additional members or not.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
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  10. Thanks mrswishes, staff can close this thread if you want.