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Do you think the frontiers should be reset?

No. 15 vote(s) 88.2%
Dunno. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Yes. 2 vote(s) 11.8%
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  1. Honestly, the frontiers are filled with useless dirt structures and tons of mines that were there before the wasteland came around. So I want the frontiers to be reset. There's just too much trash structures left behind built by inactive players. However, another idea would be to create a new frontier to replace the current one instead of resetting the current frontier. (Thanks TechNinja_42 for the suggestion!)
  2. You might see only dirt structures near spawn, and yes those are ugly, but if you venture out far enough you may find an outpost that took a player months to make. I don't really have any important structures in the wild, but I know plenty of people who do and would be unhappy if their hard work was reset. What if there was a new /wild world, but we kept the old one?
  3. I know there are magnificent outposts out there (I'm looking at you, grim_paladin), but honestly, 75% of the frontier are dirt builds / mega mines that were there before the wasteland update. However, your suggestion does seem valid and a better idea than mine.
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  4. There would be a riot if this ever happened. So many players have spent hours upon hours building expansive farming bases, outposts, decorative castles, and other massive structures. Nobody would want all of that to be reset. The dirt structures that you're finding are really just close to the spawns, so if they're bugging you, just go further out. :)
  5. While those dirt huts are a sight for sore eyes, the cities that have taken months or years for players to build can be beautiful. I own a city on smp9(advertise...advertise...) that i have been working on since December and if all my hard work were to be wiped away as if it were nothing, I would be extremely angry and would most likely end my emc career.

    I suppose you could make a suggestion to "beautify" the destroyed areas around immediate spawn, but that is a hard sell even since you might accidentally open a cave and break someone's X spawner they have built or any number of different situations that might happen that would constitute you being banned, despite trying to do good.
  6. Understandable. Hey mods, can you close this thread? I need to entirely change my suggestion. =P
  7. Yup, already wanted to install the cannons ! :eek::)
    You cannot reset frontier. That's the biggest EMC drama i can think about, i go with hashog3000 posting.

    Also wild is secure main storage for me. not the talk about the many hours of work.
    And it's logic you don't find good builds next to spawn.

    And have a city and soem other place too in smp9
  8. Ya no way. I've spent MONTHS builing. Not gonna like to see that get wasted.
  9. This has been suggested and denied before.
    While you may only see dirt structures, the Frontier has tons of great builds and community outposts. If you wish to mine for resources, the wastelands are there, if you want to make your own base, try walking a bit further away from the protected area.
  10. Frontier:
    Base Building

    Mining Area

    Therefor; they shall not reset the Frontier.
  11. I remember an old Wild reset got bumped and everyone went into panic and anger mode.
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  12. I think there should be policies put in place for those of us trying to make frontier look nicer to protect from griefinf accusations
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