[ Denied ] Request Endernia Establishment fixed

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Hbrownie, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Ok now the bas is over 5,000 blocks away and all the requirements. I now ask you to please establish my outpost for my friends! :)
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  2. Moved to correct forum.
  3. Hi again! Baradar67 and I checked out the area, but we found some player buildings nearby. We suggest moving West into the Black area on the Live Map. Make sure there isn't any player-built stuff within 3K blocks and you're good.

    I'm leaving this thread open for when you relocate, anticipating a newly established player base! ^o^ I can't wait!
  4. Ok I thought that the balck was a glitch but I will check it out! It there a way to move my locked chest without paying for another lock?
  5. Ok moved very far away so please establish my outpost
  6. We'll take a look for ya ^_~
  7. Still no good. You went south, not west. Please use the livemap and search around for other buildings. smp7map.emc.gs. You must be 3000 away from them.

    This may seem a long way out to you but some people are 100000 blocks out. You are barely 10000 blocks out.

    One more thing, you can setup your base there anyway, it just won't be an established base and therefore you cannot lay claim to it when land-claiming comes in. It may be best to do a smaller base there now and go further out when land-claiming comes in.