{Denied] project unlimited: the mesa mountain

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  1. server: smp8
    owners: crazy_X_gamer pyroinaction LAchica8 (and all the other members of project unlimited)
    locked chest is at location
    i will find the quards if needed and msg me if their are issues :D

    Story time XD
    recently i failed very bad i let down my team and so i was exiled from the outpost till i found a witch hut that was not broken. and during my travels i found a strange mountain with a giant hole in it and as i passed through my eyes were met with a wonderful sight clay colorful pillars of clay and i decided y not so i put a locked chest and adventured on ...
    also a side note to my team i left mo mo for all of u <3
  2. Processing.
  3. can someone deny thins and lock it it has been denied me and jd talked in game and it is denied
  4. Sorry about that. Establishment denied. Outpost too close to player builds.