[Denied] Perrega

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  1. Perrega smp3
  2. Next time you see me online in game, contact me and lets go over your base
  3. Why was it denied.
  4. i sent you a pm, but ill post the pm here to
    i have gone over your outpost, and it is to close to other players buildings then ext build is arounr 700blocks you need to be atleast 3k bocks from the nearest player building, established or not.
    so for this time i will be denying your frontier request
  5. I think you may be seeing what I started before I found this island. It was a small island with a wooden bridge to a man made island. I'm going to get the X and Z coordinates and add it to this post. I would hate to be denied because of something I started. If the structure your talking about is at -15048,-994 then I built that, also I put torches at -14 84, -920.
  6. no there is another harbour kind of a palce not far from you made by 3 other players, thats whats stopping
  7. I'm not ready to give up yet. If I get their permission, can I get approved and how do I find out who they are?
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  8. yeah shure
    the players that have been buildign there are PinkTedBear & Commodore_Sur5r. and if they approve i need them to comment on this post that they do