Denied] Oasis Township

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  1. I would like to claim this oasis on smp5. Hoping for a 1000 to 1500 radius from my locked chest. Thanks Staff!!
  2. Next time you see me online in game, contact me and lets go over your base
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  3. you have a few locked chest.
    can you pm me the /location for the one that claims the territory so i can see blocks aroun it.
    thank you
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  4. Hi Gramanya, I'm at work currently but will get you the grids (X, Y) of the area I would like. The first chest would be the one I would like to claim 1000 to 1500 Radius blocks from. The first chest is in the jungle with two on the outskirts of the Desert and the other is in the mountains for the northern
  5. Hello , its Dramanya with a D not a G :D

    no hurry, just go to your locked chest that is the starter claim so i can make shure where to do. we mighr just meet up there when you are home and have a little chat
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  6. Hi Dramanya,
    I'll be on most of Friday thru Sunday all day this weekend. I'm working on the eastern wall then I'll be working on the western wall. I'll keep checking which staff is online about every hour this weekend.