[Denied] Middle Earth Expansion

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by WardleDeBoss, Sep 20, 2015.

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  1. I am trying to claim [Coords removed by Staff] for an expansion of Midlle Earth. My i add that one of the owners has gone derelict and the other owner has been permabanned.
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  2. If these are coordinates, it's not a very smart idea to announce them on the forums like that.
  3. Why not?
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  4. Because griefers can just go there and wreck it? Come up with some name or alias for it, never give out your coordinates publicly.
  5. Griefers, you gave them the coords and they can grief your area
  6. its pretty wrecked already no one lives there and its got holes everywhere
  7. This isn't valid to be established anyway as it's within 5k from a spawn.
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  8. Yep has to be at least 5k away from spawn, and if I remember right at least 5k away from any other outpost.
  9. 5k from spawn(the yellow shade circle(I think it was yellow)) and 3k from other people builds(not neccesarily outpost)

    You just got ninja'd :D:D
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  10. 5k from spawn, 3k from any other visible base.
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  11. ah okay
  12. Wardle, check your inbox.

    If as it has been suggested the area is within 5k of an outpost then this will be denied.

    Also, this appears to be trying to take over an area that has had construction in the past. Any changes to this area would be considered griefing.

    It is best you go a long way out and setup your own base.
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