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  1. This post is in regards to the city of Lakeside.
    • Founded by ChrisTheHylian and kosterhaus on Jan. 26th, 2016
    • Owner and Mayor: ChrisTheHylian
    • Main Biome: Prairie (We cover many biomes.)
    • Server: SMP7 Frontiere
    Here is a list of requirements/rules/expectations set by the City Council of Lakeside.
    • No griefing! Everyone deserves to build freely. Griefing as of before official EMC establishment results in a report, and most likely a perma-ban.
    • No profanity. We want a family friendly image in our town. If you need to use curse words, please do it in a private message. The only word that may be considered profound that is allowed is Hell, as it is a place.
    • No starting public works projects without the Mayor a/o council's approval. We all want to be on the same page.
    • Discrimination will NOT be tolerated. Rather it be about race, religion, or mental/physical state, we don't want anything that may offend our citizens. If you have these feelings, please keep them to yourself. If you feel like the issue may jeopardize the democracy of Lakeside, contact a council member.
    • Be kind! We want all of our people to feel safe and accepted in our limits.
    There is a lock chest in Historic Lakeside (Old Lakeside) that contains ChrisTheHylian and The_Boulder, this was created by Dwight himself. It may be moved in the future, but as of now, it resides in the same position.

    If the territory of Lakeside changes, we will notify staff, as Lakeside seems to constantly grow!

    We just want to see you suffer happiness in our community! Thanks!
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  2. Why does this thread seem to reflect on what I have done XD
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  3. That is just your anamatronic madness setting in.....it actually has to do with the griefing of our nether rail (that you made safe, short and less scary) and Lakeside itself. Total of 4-5 reports filed since Sunday night.
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  4. Nothing you did, but since you've been out, there have been a LOT of reports. :(
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  5. We will need the consent of all "members" of lakeside on this thread please. That way I can know who might have buildings nearby. I hope there was nothing else within the 3k range when this was first started. Other than that, you know, that I know, what has occurred in the region.

    As for expanding, as long as everything is within 1500 blocks of the first chest then nothing need be done. If large exansion beyond that occurs, a claim should be made for that area separately.
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  6. As a 'resident" of Lakeside I give my permission.
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  7. I think I have a building on the north side. I'd consent to a formal claim provided I can keep my build.

    I say "I think" because the Lakeside I'm thinking of doesn't seem to meet the requirements for a claim. So I'm either mistaken on which Lakeside this is or we're looking for a special exception :)
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  8. i live here!!!!!!!
  9. Not sure how long this would take, as we have nearly 80 residents, and some are derelict, or inactive. You never see all of us together at once lol :p
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  10. Wow, I thought maybe 8-10. You guys are busy! In any case, I will start on this today. I'll look for you around the place Chris.
  11. I have a build right next to jesuspower2 also
  12. Thanks Bara! lol
  13. Ok so lakeside is closer than I remembered. It is within the 5k limit of an EMC Outpost (about 2k) so there is no chance of establishing this under the current system.

    It appears this claim has more to do with stopping griefing and establishing it won't have any effect until Empires comes in.

    Until then, anti-griefing is not far off and that may be the best bet in the near future. I recommend maintaining this town because it is one of the better ones around atm.

    Good luck everyone.
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