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Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Air_Quality, May 5, 2016.

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  1. i call my establishment baconfort. it has a lake that looks like pork but blue. my residents are:
    • OrientedPlum414
    • EpicSubtastic
    • Ninja_Assassin26
  2. I want to remind you, make sure you message the staff where the cords are of the locked chest.

  3. ok thanx
  4. what does that mean and check the map for me i found an island for us
  5. 2 residents of mine will be EpicSubtastic and OrientedPlum414
  6. I made a few changes to this thread:
    • Moved thread to appropriate forum (Establishment Requests Pending)
    • Changed title to: Baconfort
    • Moved Resident List to Original Post
    • Cleaned up thread by deleting now-irrelevant posts
    When requesting that staff officially establish your outpost, this is where you'll post. Upon approval, staff will move the thread to Wilderness Frontier. Never post coords of your outpost- only use PM's so griefers don't find it.

    Making a list of approved players in the OP is a good idea in case you have to report a griefing. I'll investigate the area in a few minutes to see if I can approve this request.

    Remember, your outpost must be both:
    • 5K from any EMC outpost
    • 3K from any player builds
    Any closer and the request will be denied- you'll simply have to move farther out before requesting again.
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  7. it will always will
  8. Bacon will venture into lands unknown and create a mighty Empire!

    Please travel further in to the Wild to have an Outpost Established. The first location is too near other player builds.
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  9. we have set a new baconfort we set a locked chest and the cords for it are
    redisdents are OrientedPlum414. EpicSubtastic. Ninja_Assassin26
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  10. The person who is founding the Outpost will lock a chest and send coords.
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  11. Anyone can send coords, really. But it's the locked chest that we use to establish the base (providing the area is suitable). So as long as I find a locked chest, that user will be the outpost owner.

    I'll begin my investigation based on the coords I got from EpicSubtastic in a PM =]

    Also, any outpost establishment requests need to be in the Establishment Requests Pending forum- not in the Frontier Wilderness forum. I have merged that thread into this one- no need for another thread, this one's still good ^_~
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  12. yipee im sad for sub i dies of marlix lost my stuff right next to outpost but i got it back
  13. instead of republicans why not the bacon empire where everything is made out of bacon. (multi colored wool to make it look like its bacon.)
  14. and how much land can we claim?
  15. sub u always have to expand a word at some point
  16. I checked out the new area. Attempts #2 fails because there is a player build only 2143 blocks away (the gray & brown thing in the middle of the lake to the SouthEast).

    I recommend going to a 'perimiter' outpost and traveling away from Center spawn. For example, South Spawn and go further South for like, 20K more. Besides, the harder it is to get there, the less likely it will be found by griefers.

    Okay, quiz time! I'll leave this thread here for now, but when you're ready to petition again for an Outpost, create a new thread in the proper place ^_~
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  17. As suggested by an outpost resident, I'm gonna lock the thread and move it to Wilderness Frontier, where it will remain for future reference. When you decide to establish and outpost, make a new thread in Establishment Requests Pending.
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