[denied] A new perk for derelict protected users.

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by AncientTower, Mar 24, 2016.

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  1. I've purchased and used the Derelict protection voucher and for awhile i thought wow it's so nice. Only these past few days i've begun to step back and reflect on what i've now done.

    A supportership of Gold or Diamond is now only good to me if i would ever want to change the location of my residence, or change a tag, or location on my residence without loosing the max i can have.

    It's true the supporter of Gold/Diamond gives you rupees and access to the waste/wild of utopia.

    But i now see no real perk of getting a supporter other than what i stated. Even then all i would need is just a 1 month voucher to cover my needs.

    So In my opinion i think there should be perks for The users who have used the Derelict vouchers.

    Perks such as,

    1) Every 6months or 1year on EMC a Max res upgrade voucher should be available to purchase whether it be rupees or real life money. (The catch is though, it's activated right away. So no-one can then sell it.)

    2) Abilities to change tags and location on your residences without a need for Gold or Diamond voucher.

    3) Now this perk is negotiable but free access the Utopia Wild. You'd still need a Gold+ voucher to access Utopia Waste.
  2. Explain #3 isn't free already?
    Otherwise +1
  3. Nope it isn't, But i like it! +1
  4. It's free for Gold and Diamond supporters but i'd like Utopia wild to be accessible for Derelict Protected users without the need to buy a Gold/Diamond voucher to access it. (We can say that this would only be a perk if the user had been a Diamond supporter in the past........As a clause or something)
  5. Nope, you have to be gold/diamond to go beyond the town on utopia.

    As for the above....I think the ability to change tags and locations is a good idea, I mean its permanently your res....
    #1 shouldnt be a thing simply for derelict protection buyers, if it is a thing, it should be available to all ( no other purchase is exclusive to any other combination ).

    The problem I have with #3, isnt that your adding value to the derelict voucher, but you've taken something and made it a one time payment that gold and diamond have to keep paying for to keep access.

    While I think item #2 is good (+1 to that) I'd (-1) to the others.

  6. Oo ok yep this covers wat I was wondering thanks
  7. Not necessarily, You can as a Gold/Diamond purchase vault pages without the need for a voucher. <------ Weak argument but true.

    As for the Utopia access. That is only for Utopia /Wild, it in no way would allow you access to mine in Utopia /waste.
    So the only benefit here is not having to spend rupees every month or so to access your outpost in Utopia Frontier.
  8. We'll agree on the weak argument since most of us go past the base and buy vouchers.

    As for the other, since the wastes reset, and there is nothing permanent, there is no real advantage to utopia wastes. The wild however is much cleaner than the other servers, and we will have to keep paying forever to have that as gold or diamond....which I mean heck...diamond supporters pay a lot more that a derelict voucher in 6 months if they go the best package. How could we give that suddenly as a lifetime free access to this?

    I think that is the reason you would want gold or diamond, and valid one at that.
  9. This doesn't make sense to me. You're saying how once you activate said voucher, it devalues the supporter ranks usefulness.

    But the suggestion is to then take away more supporter features and give it to those who used the voucher, further making the ranks less desired?

    We're not giving even more perks to perm derelict vouchers. They serve a single purpose.
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