Demon's Supply Co.

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  1. Well, Its Time to sell :)
    I thought of Good Prices For It-
    Shiny Flesh: 75r Each
    Shiny Arrows:75r Each
    Zombie Virus: 250r Each
    Bones: 60r Per Stack
    Gunpowder: 500r Per Stack
    Zombie Head: 775r Each
    Skeleton Head: 1,000 Each
    Creeper Head: 2,000r Each
    Unbreak 3 Power 3 Bow: 150r Each
    Diamonds: 50r Each

    Sand: 70r Per Stack?
    Clay Blocks: 285r Per Stack
    Lily Pads: 700r Per Stack
    Stone Brick: 75r Per Stack
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  2. 1 unbreak power to pick whenever possible please ^^
  3. Please Fill in Order Fourm Correct
  4. Alright
    Item: Unbreak 3 Power3
    Pick up: yes (tell me address and server)
    Deadline: When you can
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  5. Item: Unbreak 3 Power 3
    Pick up: Yup. On SMP2 at your res.
    Deadline: Whenever you can!
  6. Your Bow is ready for Pick up at 3660 Smp2U will have Access Chest
    Please Pay before u take, Thanks
  7. :) <----- Bump
  8. Item: 1 creeper head
    Pick up: at your res in smp2
    Deadline: whenever you can
  9. Ok i can deliver it to your res for 10r more
  10. Ok, go to smp7 res 14725
  11. Is it possible u set up a shop for this?
  12. it is possible to set up a shop. Just highlight the item in your inventory then type /iteminfo and it will tell you which item id to use on the last line of your shop sign. For example if you wanted to set up a zombie head shop you would find the item id by doing that command (and the id is 397:2) and then set up a sign with a chest like you would normally.
  13. The zombie virus is a bit too expensive in my opinion
  14. Alright, Ill make it cheaper :p
    And when u guys order, i get the stuff and make an access chest at my res for u or transport it anywhere just for 10r more !
  15. when do i get my creeper head?